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This is why I want to see cheaper and greener energy technologies...  $$

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

Yes we meed alternative energy sources.  Chicken breasts at El Pollo is cheaper than I can do from home.


I'm upset that I didn't tag along when the USO & or DIG started this up trend and make some money from this trend- but I think that it's too late to join the party as DUG the inverse double leverage oil fund has gone up the past few weeks.


Road apples! There's likely not going to be any cheaper and greener technologies in your lifetime. We should be drilling every square inch of the US and taking over Mexico and Venezuela. Then again, i don't care if gas goes to twenty bucks if it gets people hating to hear the word "green."

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

The word I should have used was "cheaper" - my error and the history of subsidized and mandated forms of enery has not been economically viable. Ethonal form corn would be a damn farce if it wasn't so expensive. Turning food to fuel is wrong from an economic point of view.


I forgot to mention that our electric rates just went up and enormous fifteen percent - but don't drill in Alaska!?

Rosemead Herald

I like El Pollo.



Like all technologies through the ages, there will be efficiency, improvement, and cheaper methods.  Oil will eventually be the technology of the past and there will be something better and most likely renewable in our future.

Imagine forty years ago computers that took up complete rooms.  Imagine now I am writing this blog comment with a computer on my lap with more computing power than what was in an Apollo spacecraft taking Americans to the moon.  Technology evolution...

The point is that $$ motivates.  And if energy costs continue to rise -- the market will answer the new demand.  What we are seeing now is the writing on the wall... the fall of the oil empire.  The question isn't whether it will fall -- it is how long it will take...?


[this is good] Very well said! Thanks for making my day. 


Your comment is an example of what bothers me about you and Obama. You mentioned forty years ago, but you weren't there to see it, so you can only speculate as to what was imagined then. In fact, people did know that computers would continue to get smaller and more powerful.

I would agree that the average person didn't see the Internet coming, nor could we have guessed the speed of advance. On the other hand, I actually think that computer technology is moving comparatively slowly now, and it's frustrating that they don't have solutions as to why, for example, I have to tweak Vista for hours, make that weeks, to get it to run half as decently as Windows 98.

So here's the way it really is - forty years ago, we were told that oil would be gone twenty years ago. But not only is it still plentiful, there is likely more than enough to last another century - or millennium.

I'm not opposed to technological advance, I'm opposed to manipulation, and that's what's happening now with the wackos preventing exploration and recovery on the one hand, and lying about the effects of carbon on the other.

And if it were only lies, I could even live with that, but it's the lying coupled with suppression and imposition by public policy that's damnable and is literally ruining people - you know, by "people," I mean individuals, those sort of entities that liberals and loons don't care about.

Now I was very specific. You said you wanted cheaper and greener technology, and I said that it wouldn't likely happen in your lifetime. We can get cheaper right now, but it won't be greener, and greener won't be cheaper than anything now available for as far as the eye can see and the mind can conceive.

That's not to say I don't expect breakthroughs, and I welcome them, but thirty years ago, Arizona was offering solar credits, and we thought it was surely the dawn of the solar age and energy independence. I agree that where there's a will, there's a way, but sometimes it's easier to get to the moon than to develop a cheap green fuel that will power vehicles.

We may get cheaper hot water, and more efficient cars, but when oil is there it should be exploited. Ethics demands it because if technology can provide more environmentally friendly fuels in due time, it can also provide filters that reduce pollution. What's happening now is flat-out immoral and all the bigpigs, I mean, bigwigs, are now officially in on it, such that I'm starting to wonder if the unthinkable is becoming thinkable. See,, I'd kill an environmentalist before I'd let him reduce my standard of living because he has a vision.

In other words, the marketplace should determine all, and when technology is actually feasible, it will be demanded - by the consumer.

And I apologize for the low blow of likening you to the rottenest man who ever ran, but I wanted your full attention


It just occurred to me that you did what all the liberal dreamers do - you ignored everything I'd said and continued to paint your little rosy picture of a utopian Nirvannaville, and I, like a fool, answered you instead of making you defend your comments.

Such as, exactly when can we expect these efficient, greener, cheaper technologies? And how much cheaper would they be than if oil companies were drilling offshore, in Alaska, building refineries, and others were building nuclear facilities back in those forty-year-old dark ages when the wackos were first able to curb growth?

The fact is, you don't have any answers. You don't know where prices will go, and you seem oblivious to the fact that the price of oil is inflating the price of virtually everything  - right now? So when can I expect to recoup my 'inflation investment?"

Talk is cheap, way cheaper than your new green tech, and dreaming is not only free, it's fun. But I'm not willing to pay for your speculation, especially when you're also restricting the markets from functioning.

So oil will be a technology of the past, will it? When exactly? Sooner rather than later, costs be damned? And why should it? Because you've deemed it unclean? Because you imagine it's causing the planet to warm?

And the most outrageous thing you said was the part about if costs continue to rise, the market will create new demands. It will, but others like you have not allowed the market to function for half a century, and you want to manipulate the market now to force people to pay unconscionable prices for things they'd never embrace in a free market environment. And that makes you a bad guy.


I have always spoken out for an oil stopgap and even additional nuclear power for the interim.  I have always said that Kyoto is a joke unless all nations are bound to it equally.  I have always had a level headed and common sense approach to get ourselves off of foreign oil, tap our own resources in the interim, and pursue greener technologies for the future.  The intelligence is there and as Americans I don't see why we can't invent a better mousetrap.

And if you read my post -- I posed the question that you seem to think I have the answer for, which I don't...

The question isn't whether it will fall -- it is how long it will take...?
So yes...  I don't have all of the answers.  But oil is on the way out and if you don't see that -- I am sorry.

And if I am a "bad guy" because of it in your eyes -- so be it.

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