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Rosemead Herald

Gas prices are just crazy.  The oil companies are making billions.  

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

It's not just the oil companies. Their margins are not that large, other types of businesses have much larger profit margins. The oil and refining businesses require huge capital investment. There are supply and demand trends which drive price up and down and there is speculation. I find it hard to seperate these factors out. Refiners have been sqeezed lately.


We are oil dependent for one reason only.  Back in the 70's several inventors came up with different ways to power our cars and homes and factories.  Its called overunity and a quick search of 'overunity' on any search engine including YouTube will show you these inventions.  Why aren't they on the market?  Last year one oil company paid taxes equivalent to 2/3 all US income taxes.  The government revenue would essentially collapse without the oil market.  I am no fan of conspiracy theories but the evidence for this one is overwhelming.

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

Market efficiency, there is more energy in gasoline then other forms and the internal combustion motor was effective to the then state of technology. Cost is always an issue. Over time as a sustained rise in the cost will be a motivation to create other answers to propel our cars and trucks. LPG and natural gas can work should there be a distribution chain and motors equipped to run on it. Eventually fuel cells may be the answer. Of course if we were allowed to drill in areas that are presently prohibited then more of our money would stay home.

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