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Rosemead Herald

[this is good]

Hafidz Baharom

[this is good] nice way to get me to drop by and comment...lol!

and how are you, zak?

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

I thought that I'd be hearing from you. ;) I'm fine thanks.


LOL  That guy deserves a Darwin award.

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

He's nutz! LOL

Rosemead Herald

[this is good] This is incredible.  Things like this would make a good comedy scene in a movie.  The question I have is: what if the stranger said nothing and the two engaged in a lusty moment?  This entire incident is odd.  

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

That's why I referenced Kevin Spacey- ever see his movie: "Consenting Adults" ?

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