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Maybe that cement plant should stockpile more sand for the sand flies!  Ha!

Jeff D

Property rights are already gone.  The court decided that when they sided with the government in a case up in Connecticut that forced a woman to sell her home because the city wanted to redevelop the neighorhood as a commercial area. 


I'm with you.

And Zak...

"According to Greg Ballmer, UC Riverside research associate and entomologist: “The destruction of the fly’s habitat can trigger the extinction of many more species that depend on the same habitat.” This statement is questionable at best."

I believe I have just the right question for Mr. Ballmer, it's "Yeah, so...?"

If you think my question's frivolous, please reserve judgment until you've heard Ballmer's answer.

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

If your kid can't find a job, he can always join a gang. But all kidding aside, what rally makes me agery is that until the 60's this kind of abuse of power would have required a Constitutional amendment. Now it's just business as usual.


I completely agree, and it's going to take something really jarring to change things... personally, I favor a military coup, but that would be the height of irony if it took the military to restore freedom at home...

Rosemead Herald

It seems that we have no property rights any longer.  


You guys are not observant enough. Property rights - even in this case - could have been protected if there was enough money and power in the hands of the property owners. It is not that property rights are GONE. Look at the distribution of whose property is protected and whose is not. Doesn't it depend on money and power?

Want to protect your rights? Join the country club.


Good idea. Which Anti-Jew country club are you a member of?

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

Do I have to kiss Diane Feinstein on the mouth?


"“The destruction of the fly’s habitat can trigger the extinction of many more species that depend on the same habitat.”"

Did this biologist actually go out to the site in Colton? Heck - what other creature besides a fly would want to live there? Ok....so that is a low blow on Colton.

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