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Rosemead Herald

Thanks for keeping us posted. 


Seems like my bank is doing good. But savings rates suck

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

Citi cut my credit line, the card is paid off and we've not been late- screw the Citi.


I agree..I had no problems but my family has with citi.


I cut up our credit cards a few years ago. If we can't afford to buy it with real money, we don't need it.


I put those same 'no credit card' shoes on a few years ago.  Never looked back and have zero regrets.  Who needs the highest interest rates?  Convenience costs are too great.

Not into banks for anything either.  Unfortunately, my credit rating sucks so I couldn't buy a house with 20% down.  Maybe that's a good thing considering where we're headed with taxes.


[זה מעולה] Does that mean we should take our gold and head for the hills? I keep having thoughts about going shopping and being told that my credit card it no good - not because of our standing. How revolting . . . and maybe we should . . . revolt.

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