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[this is good] It may be educational to consider the many many places where there is NOT generalized decisionmaking and open participation and a free market approach to problem-solving.

NOT in Washington, where the government by the rich, of the rich and for the rich determines the quality of life for the non-rich.

NOT in the political parties, where fat cats keep out reformers or anyone with principles.

NOT on Wall Street where a very few determine the financial structures for the very many.

NOT at Microsoft or other gigantic monstrous monopolistic corporations that determine the products by which most life as victims.

NOT in pharm, hospital and medical industries where decisions are made by self-enriching technocrats.

NOT in the business world where the large kills the small.

Perhaps you might agree there are far more places where dictatorial decision-making for self-interest by the few is in place preventing the communitarian negotiation by the many.

So I have to ask you, WHERE is the best example of open, generalized decision-making?   


[this is good] Once again, Zak you give us something to chew on. Well worth the read confirming the individual's ability to create and prosper when left alone. I will forward this to my like-minded husband.

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

I spent a weekend learning from Leonard E. Read in 1971.


Was the quote about individuals being left alone? Or about many people participating in decisionmaking and how that can usually get better results than leaving decisions to the few? 

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