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Rosemead Herald

[this is good]


except Liberalism ;-D


[this is good] Another excellent quote. Zak, have you heard the talk about the million gun march?


[this is good] Whoa. Zak, using your knowledge of history and political philosophy, wouldn't the statement above  be a good example of the definitional core of Liberalism?

Not the liberalism of the Demo party, which is not a liberalism in any historical sense at all - but the Liberalism of western civilization over several hundred years in its move away from church-dominated and class-dominated imperialism.

Does not this statement by Read represent the point of view of all the many millions of people who struggled for many years to get rid of the oppression by the empires in colonial lands? Doesn't it represent the point of view of all the many millions of workers who struggled for many years to get rid of the exploitive and violent oppression by the entitled upper classes?

It sounds very liberal. And liberating. It seems to express the philosophy of liberation - which has been preached by many of the best liberals.



A million Gun March? Shades of the Old West, wagons ho. Sounds like a revolution is on the horizon - how many busses are available?


Very good quotation.
Notwithstanding, true freedom is only found in the regenerating power of Jesus Christ.

When He makes one free, that person is not restricted by any outside circumstances, including human oppression.

Happy Mutant
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Contrary to the misnomer of Liberal, who call themselves progressives they are regressive.


[this is good]


[this is good] And contrary to the misnomer that people apply to themselves as conservatives even though they are regressive.

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