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[this is good]


yak, i thought you left vox,,,the only real question is could bush have rode out this storm and made something good of it or is obamanation just fanning the flames of this economic downturn for his own marxist aims  


[this is good] “liar loans” - that's the best yet, Zak! My daughter bought her house 17 years ago, today she has no idea who 'really' holds her mortgage, it's in bits and pieces all over the place. It also has gone from nearly $700.000 to $385,000 in the last year or so.

We have friends from northern CA who are looking to pick up a cheap house down here. Every time they find something, there are multiple bids above the asking price. They have the cash to buy outright, but so do many others looking to cash in on foreclosures. 

Happy Mutant

When the money is free we are Capitalism crise. Pfffffffff.



Zak, that is a pretty good swipe at the high points of this problem, without getting down to low in the weeds. This entire problem is caused by Government, now we are supposed to believe that Government is the solution. Give me a break.

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

Is the USA the next Japan? Are we in for ten more years of this?


History has a way of repeating itself if you don't learn from history. President Obama (pains me to say that) and the Democrat congress are following on steriods the course of FDR, repeated on a larger scale by Japan. Now President Obama. (gota go throw up) this smartest man, the messiah. History repeating itself.

The answer to your question is I'm afraid so, probalby worse. Make no mistake it is planned to enable marxed change to America.


[this is good] Zak outlined a variety of causal factors. Made sense, but did not lead to a suggested program for rectification of the crisis. What do you propose, Zak, as a reformed, sustainable and manageable program of changes to standard banking/credit/mortgage practice?

Of course, you could blame everything on the government. That works, right? Or blame everything on the crooks on Wall Street. That works, right?

But I trust Zak will a few more mature and intelligent and complicated ideas. Thank gawd.


The cat was let out of the bag last week. While everyone was focused on the AIG hearing, the Fed was printing out another trillion dollars. When this money begins to circulate, the value of the dollar will be zero. At that point, the move to a global currency will be implemented.


I'm a liberal. I only understand pictures.

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

When I was a mortgage broker one had to have a job and good credit besides a down payment. Fannie Mae had decent underwriting standards. When this changed along with the exotic derivatives it leads directly to what has happened. It is human nature to cut corners and cheat. We need just enough regulation to prevent wholesale cheating. It seems to me that ethics are in short supply.

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