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Freedom Smith

I love the line, "Refuse to veg- unless of course your dream is to become a vegetable."  That is a classic!!!  

So true about needing the money, especially in this economy...cutbacks, longer hours...it can turn into a nightmare!

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

This is a wonderfully written book- I envy the personal and professional relationship the author has with his father.

Maureen Kirk-Detberner

Got it!


[this is good] Turn off the damned TV! It's nothing but liberal spin anyway and it will just make you mad.

Rosemead Herald

[this is good] Yes indeed, we must work to pay the bills and this can cause us to lose our dream.  

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

You miss the point entirely Tim.  http://www.naphill.org/

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